Our vision is a world where people value connections with each other and nature and human life contributes to the life of the planet. 

Rachel Carson Ecovillage 
A New Phase Begins

Rachel Carson Ecovillage has made it to the start of Planning Phase 2B through investigation, grit, and hard and detailed work.  Foremost is the cooperation of the members who were strangers not so long ago and are neighbors today….neighbors without physical proximity.
We have twelve Pioneer members and five Pathfinder members who have made a firm commitment toward a future life at RCE.  Explorer members number twenty-two who are learning more about the community and some who are active working members bringing their knowledge, skill and insight to this a one of a kind community even though it might not be their next community.  It is truly a pleasure to see what everyone’s leadership abilities and involvement have created as the basis for this one-of-a-kind cohousing community.
Starting this week we will begin the second phase of our development process, and this is the phase that gets us to construction!  This phase will take about 8-10 months. Our Planning Groups have a lot to do during these important months to keep our project moving.

Rachel Carson Ecovillage will be the only cohousing community in Western Pennsylvania.  Join us this weekend to learn more about this special community and the members who are part of it.  This community is seeking more members who are looking for a place to live in harmony with nature.  See the schedule for the Introductory meeting below. We hope to see you there.

In Community

RCE Introductory Session

November 20th at 10:30-12 PM
Learn more about Rachel Carson Ecovillage at this introductory Zoom meeting.  You will be introduced to the current plans for the community to be built on the Chatham Eden Hall Campus, how the community members are already working together to plan the community, you will learn more about cohousing, and how to get involved in this special community.  There will be plenty of time for your questions.

Registration Link for Introductory Meeting-CLICK HERE

RCE Monthly Member Meeting

November 20th at 12:30-2 PM
Our monthly meeting to see what progress has been made by all the planning groups and with the organization in general.  This meeting will give you a better understanding of our organizational structure.
Registration Link for Member’s Meeting-CLICK HERE

Speaking of the Holiday Season…
Judy has some ideas to share about holiday shopping
Please remember small and local businesses when you do holiday shopping.  Small business owners are often your neighbors and contribute to your community in many ways
For those of you who are into green shopping,  Repurposed at 7805 McKnight Road in the North Hills is a real find.  They have clothes, furniture, books, games and wonderful Christmas decorations, etc. Shopping at Repurposed contributes to a fund to help people who are victims of human trafficking. You can also take any of your cast-offs there.  See their website for further information by clicking here.

Seek local, handmade and Fair Trade items.
The Rachel Carson Homestead in Springdale PA has a good selection of Rachel’s writings and other environmental books.  At this time the store and Homestead are open on an irregular schedule.  If you are interested in purchasing books please call their phone to find about about their stock and when you might visit to choose or pick up items. Check their website here or call at 724 274-5459.

The Olive Branch in Wexford, PA sells fair trade and products that support underserved and developing communities, engaging our community in activities that improve local and global lives, and gathering people for growing, connecting and learning. Check out their website and visit their store.
This is a great time to remember your local charities with donations or other needed items.  Most charities prefer donations of money to support their aim.  Find the need in your community or one that touches your heart.  If it is a large enough charity you can check their ratings to see how your donations are spent by looking at the Charity Navigator website. Volunteer personpower is often the key to a charity’s effectiveness. Consider giving of your time.

Small and large museums, libraries and galleries are sites for wonderful gifts.  
Don’t forget gifts to yourself: gifts of time, self-love, peace, time spent with others who are meaningful to your life, times of rest and the gift of nature and the outdoors.

November 18-19, 2021 
“Almost” Total Lunar Eclipse 
of the Micro Beaver Full Moon

A friend of ours tells a funny true story about a pair of beavers that built a dam causing their rural road to flood.  The local road work department sent out a crew of 5 men to work on disassembling the dam and draining the road.  This took a full work shift.  The next morning residents were calling the township to report the road had flooded again. The crew came back and spent another day to reopen the road.  After three days of this back and forth (with many jokes at the expense of the road crew) a decision was made to relocate the industrious beavers. The beavers were doing a great job of what they do: finding food, building dams and homes. In this case there were resulting complications for the humans who live close-by. 

At this time of year beavers are very working hard throughout the night: hence November’s named Beaver Moon.  If you’re a night owl (you know who you are) this is your chance to see the full Beaver moon undergoing an “almost total” (97%) lunar eclipse beginning at 1:02 AM and ending around 7 AM on November 19th.
It will be a partial lunar eclipse where Earth’s umbra, the darkest part of its shadow, covers parts of the Moon’s visible surface.
A lunar eclipse can be seen from all locations on the night side of Earth.
This eclipse is part of an “almost tetrad”—a series of four big lunar eclipses in two years. Three of these eclipses are total, while the November 19, 2021, is a deep partial eclipse. So deep that it is almost a total eclipse.
This eclipse will be visible in Pittsburgh. It will begin at 1:02:09 am local time when the Earth’s shadow will begin covering the lunar surface. The eclipse will be over at 7:03:40 am.
Check out the local weather forecast to find out if you will have clear skies to view the eclipse!
(Information from Time and Date website where you can also find the timing of the eclipse in your area by entering your location in the “lookup box” on the right side of the page

Happy Thanksgiving

Cephalanthus occidentalis (buttonbush)
  on Eden Hall Campus November 2021