Our vision is a world where people value connections with each other and nature and human life contributes to the life of the planet. 

Happy Birthday To Our Namesake
Rachel Carson
May 27th, 1907

In Community

Trial Unit Selection
Rachel Carson Ecovillage members were asked to complete a survey identifying their first, second and third choice of units. At Saturday’s Design Meeting twenty-five member unit choices were identified on the site map.  The selection process identified a need for additional larger units.  This is the first but not the last time that a unit selection process will be performed prior to the final unit selection.  In the mean time the design team will make any necessary changes and provide cost for the units giving members additional information that is needed to make their selection. We expect new Pioneer and Pathfinder members to take part in the next round.  Keep thinking about the possibilities! 

Three new short-term sub-groups had their first meetings last week: Cabinets and Flooring, Appliances, Plumbing and Fixtures. The sub groups are charged with doing research and making recommendations to the Design Team in about a month. We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Rachel Carson Ecovillage
Introductory Session
Saturday, May 28th at 10:30 AM-12 Noon
We welcome anyone who’s interested in learning about the Rachel Carson EcoVillage to join our *online* introductory session on Saturday. We will have a short illustrated talk about the ecovillage, a virtual tour of the Eden Hall campus, and discussion. We look forward to meeting you! Link will be sent after registering, see ya there!
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Rachel Carson Ecovillage
Monthly Member Meeting
Saturday, May 28th at 12:30-2 PM
Our monthly meeting to see what progress has been made by all the planning groups and with the organization in general – stick around for any special presentation that may be on the Eco-Discovery Series schedule. Zoom link will be sent in registration confirmation email. Every 4th Saturday (Jan-Oct) from 12:30-2pm EST
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RCE IS A Sponsor of 
The Rachel Carson Trail Challenge
The twenty-fifth annual Rachel Carson Trail Challenge will take place on June 18, 2022, the Saturday nearest the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The Challenge is a 35-mile long, one-day, sunrise to sunset endurance hike on nearly the entire rugged Rachel Carson Trail. Unlike a footrace, the “challenge” is not to win, but to endure, to finish the hike in one day. This time, the Challenge starts in North Park at sunrise and ends 35 miles later in Harrison Hills Park. The deadline for finishing is sunset, 8:54 PM or 15 hours 4 minutes, whichever comes first. If 35 miles sounds too daunting, there are two shorter events that same day. The first is the Homestead Challenge, an 18-mile hike from near the Rachel Carson Homestead. The second is a 7-mile Friends & Family Challenge from Tarentum. All events finish in Harrison Hills Park.

Strengthening the Community

Mulch Guide
Brooklyn Bridge Park has provided a Mulch Guide that is very comprehensive, up-to-date and timely guide.  If you have questions about mulching you will find the answers here. (The garden in the photo is mulched with shredded leaves).

Forest Bathing
Whether you’re enjoying nature in Japan, in our own Laurel Highands or in your yard or local park you’re gaining physiological and psychological benefits from the experience.  The term “shinrin-yoku” was coined in Japan in the 1980’s when researchers noticed positive health effects in people who were spending time in nature. Since then a Forest Therapy Society has been formed in Japan followed by other societies and groups in many countries.  There are licensed or certified forest therapy guides who guide you to use all five of your senses during a slow guided walk.  After forest bathing you may find yourself with an inner sense of peace, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, and improved immune function, among other benefits. Pittsburgh has a Forest Bathing organization and other groups in the Pittsburgh area are offering forest bathing experiences.  Sherry submitted this article from LL Bean that introduced the subject.  Think about slowing down on your next walk and giving attention to all of your senses. It can benefit you in many ways.  The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden has some Forest Bathing programs scheduled in June and throughout the summer. If you live in another part of the country search for Forest Bathing experiences near you…..can’t be done on a Zoom call. 

Avoid the “Dirty Dozen’
Fresh strawberries are in the supermarket and it won’t be long before we find fresh local strawberries at farms and farmer’s markets.  Consider choosing organically grown strawberries over conventionally grown.  Strawberries are at the top of the list for conventionally grown produce with the highest levels of pesticide and herbicide residues.  Laurie reminds us to learn more about the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” at the Environmental Working Groupwebsite.  Choosing healthy food for yourself means healthier water and soil for all life forms.

Have You Heard of Magnet Fishing?
The world is a big complex, frustrating and amazing place where everyday you learn new things.  But magnet fishing….??? A concept that would never have crossed my mind if I didn’t read a recent article in Popular Mechanics (May/June 2022). Ben Demchak, an archeologist from Pittsburgh, became intrigued with magnet fishing when he saw a clip on YouTube.  If you’re from Pittsburgh you know all about the rivers and have heard stories about intriguing things found in them.  Ben wondered what he could find while fishing using a strong magnet, carabiner, rope and cut resistant gloves.  That was the beginning of an obsession and a company called Kratos Magnetics in Finleyville, PA. Sounds like fun. This sport has a very “green” aspect. While having fun magnetic fishermen and women are cleaning up our rivers and waterways. In addition to jewelry and building materials magnet fisherman have raised guns, safes, shopping carts and even small motorcycles.  Could be a fun RCE group activity on a nice summer day. 
(Ben gave us permission to use the Team Kratos photo and kindly offered a discount to our readership. Use code KRATOS10 at checkout for 10% off). https://kratosmagnetics.com/

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From all of us at Rachel Carson EcoVillage, with love.
May 23, 2022