Our vision is a world where people value connections with each other and nature and human life contributes to the life of the planet. 
Rachel Carson EcoVillage (RCE) is a developing CoHousing community in Western Pennsylvania not too far from Pittsburgh that will be built on Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus in Richland Township. We have a group of committed members and a design team working intensely to see the dream become a reality. RCE will be the first CoHousing community in this area. Our members are people with many interests, skills and varied knowledge. We share a love for the earth.  RCE is looking for more members and families who appreciate good food, music and nature and are looking to live in a community.  Consider joining us at our next introductory meeting to learn more or contact us if you would like to visit the site.

Autumn has arrived! 

Just when we thought the flames of summer had died down, October’s cool nights and still kinda warm days have some of us firing up some kindling and hardwood for a lazy weekend afternoon or relaxing evening out in the yard….now imagine doing this with all your beloved RCE communitarians…aahhhhhh! There’s still time for all you Explorer’s that have been considering Equity membership (or Non Owner Residentship) and the sooner we see the final number of folks to help us with our groundbreaking the better….STROKE those fires! 
For more info on how to get one step closer to living in community with the rest of us, contact Jim Robertson directly via email jim_robertson@verizon.net

It’s Hawkwatch season! 
The Allegheny Front Hawk Watch is open for visitors. Check out their website for details. Already in September they have seen over 1000 broad-winged hawks in one day. And smashed their bald eagle record with 49 in one day. This hawk watch is just 2 hours east of Pittsburgh. If you are not near PIttsburgh, look for hawk watch options in your area. It is the fall migration season!
-Submission courtesy of Terri B.

Send in the clouds
Sometimes members of the RCE community, in this case Laurie E., send in some images from the environment for us all to contemplate….while the hawks are off doin’ their thang! Thanks Laurie, for all you contribute to RCE! 

In Community 

Welcome to our newest RCE Members
 Patricia S. from Pittsburgh has joined the dozens of others that are exploring all that RCE has to offer. We look forward to seeing you on zoom or perhaps in person Patricia! Want to know more about some of RCE’s other members? Check out the “Meet Some of Us” page on our website.

Speaking of Members…..
…..where do we live now? While many RCE members do live locally, at present, we are living in 2 countries and 14 States. Here’s a map of where we are living within the US:

RCE Happy Hour
October 3rd from 7:30 – 8:30pm EDT
Bring your favorite beverage and get to know more about your fellow RCE members – Grace will be hosting this month’s happy hour and can’t wait to see you! 


RCE Equity Information Meeting
October 8 from 12:30 – 1:30pm EDT
Join us at the next Equity Information Meeting.  We’ll review our recent progress in the development process and the targets ahead of us.  We’ll talk about the important role that Equity Members play in reaching those targets, with time for discussion…..and we will review the steps to become an equity member for those of you who are interested in taking the next steps to be a Pioneer or a Pathfinder in the Rachel Carson EcoVillage. All are welcome to attend this session! 

RCE Design Review
October 8 from 1:30 – 3:00pm EDT
Come check out what the design team has been up to! 

Game Night is Back!
Sunday, October 16 from 7:00 – 8:30pm EDT

RCE members and friends are invited to join us for another online game night! This time the event is borrowing from a recurring game night hosted by one of our members that features a virtual game chest with over 20 games to choose from—offering something fun for every player and every mood. Many of them even offer the opportunity to practice consent decision-making within a team! After check-ins, we’ll use consent to select a game from a menu of 3-4 options then PLAY!

RCE Introductory Meeting
October 22 from 10:30-12:00pm EDT
Join members of the RCE community to learn more about the ecovillage and experience a virtual tour of the Eden Hall Campus! 

RCE Monthly Membership Meeting
October 22 from 12:30 – 2pm EDT
Our monthly meeting. Join us to see what progress has been made by all of the planning groups and with the organization in general.

Check out what else is growing with our members! 

Thanks for sharing your pumpkin patch postcard with us Elizabeth R.! 

Strengthening Community 

I want to be a better Ally!

Dear RCE friends, over the past 30 years I have become increasingly aware that as a non-disabled, straight white male that I have had advantages that people with disabilities, and/or LBGTQ+ people and/or people of color and/or women have not had. As this awareness has accelerated over the past several years, I have become increasingly drawn to being an ally to those less privileged than me. Recently I came across this brief but thoughtful article online that is helpful to me as I think about being a better ally:

I think that by learning to be better allies, we lay the groundwork for continuing to build a more diverse and inclusive RCE community. Are you interested in being a better ally too? I welcome your insights: stuartgbush@gmail.com or (267) 474-3444

-Stu Bush for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion helping group

October 22nd, 2022 Noon-6pm
Join us for a day learning all about the regional grain shed in Western PA with classes, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. This event is perfect for regional grain leaders, industry professionals, and business owners interested in incorporating more regional grains into their product lines. A day of learning will close out with a happy hour, networking event, and snacks from our wood-fired bread oven.
Tickets will be sold on a “pay what you can” basis, with a suggested donation of $20 per ticket. All are welcome to join, regardless of ability to pay.

Help name these birds!
Momentum is building to replace honorific common bird names with more descriptive monikers. Share your ideas here! Help the Audubon Society Brainstorm New Names for These Six Birds 
* “A feather in my cap” seems apropos for the specimen in the top right corner, yes? 

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From all of us at Rachel Carson EcoVillage, with love.
Date of Publication: 10/1/2022