Our vision is a world where people value connections with each other and nature and human life contributes to the life of the planet. 

A Delicious Piece Of The Pie For Everyone 

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 3 years since RCE has gotten underway with creating a design for its home on the Eden Hall Campus, seen over a hundred Explorer’s and thousands of Inquirer’s join us in meetings and work days, BYO picnics and happy hours….ALL during a pandemic to boot! 
To say that all of us involved today are grateful and excited about our progress would really be an understatement – the blessings and friendships nurtured since 2020 (and even before that really!) are testament to the power of what building bridges, working together towards a common goal and the ultimate homage to Aristotle’s sentiment has shown us as we forge ahead into what we confidently expect to be our groundbreaking year! 
We hope you’ll join us as we near our goal of founding members, because we can promise you one thing for certain: Pie is enjoyed much more when it’s shared with those in community!  

How can you benefit from the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act? 
Apparently there are 3 ways to tap into the billions in new money to go green starting next month! According to this recent article in the Washington Post, it’ll be possible to electrify your home AND car with the help of the government, something members of our community and beyond will want to take advantage of! 
-Submitted courtesy of Stefani D.

Touch Grass! 
*Yes, you can do this wherever you are…except maybe in the desert.
From “The Good Stuff”, an email about positive topics/stories – here’s a recent excerpt: We were collecting slang from high schoolers in Huntsville, Alabama, and they introduced me to “touch grass.” “Touch grass” essentially means to give yourself a reality check when you’re losing perspective or are too far down a strange path — usually in relation to something online. 
“Which I feel is so perfect, and such an antidote to a lot of things that stress us out. Just unplug! Step away from the computer. Go touch some grass.”
Ok, maybe you’ll have to clear a patch if it’s buried under some snow but, whatever….it’s there for you! Go touch it! 
-Submitted courtesy of Laurie E.

Have you heard?
Our friends at FIC launched this lovingly crafted podcast in 2022 and it’s chock-full of compelling topics, from demystifying legal frameworks to income sharing and innovating economy. Perfect for tucking in with a cuppa something warm while cozying up on a wintry day! 


In Community 

From all of us @ RCE to our new communitarians! 
David C. from TN, Lisa B. from OR, and Debra C. from NY have joined the dozens of others that are exploring all that RCE has to offer. We look forward to seeing you on zoom or perhaps in person! Want to know more about some of RCE’s other members? Check out the “Meet Some of Us” page on our website. 
*Also, an error was made on our new member Bart (not Bret) M’s first name in last month’s newsletter – sorry about that Bart! 

RCE Happy Hour
January 3rd from 7:30 – 8:30pm EST
Who says you can’t have champagne anytime? Bring your favorite beverage and get to know more about your fellow RCE members – Julie will be hosting this month’s happy hour and can’t wait to see you! 

Bonus Tuesday evening sessions!
RCE Introductory Meeting
January 10th & 24th from 5:30-7pm EST 
We welcome anyone who’s interested in learning about the Rachel Carson EcoVillage to join our *online* introductory session. We will have a short illustrated talk about the ecovillage, a virtual tour of the Eden Hall campus, and discussion. We look forward to meeting you! Link will be sent after registering, see ya there!

House Sharing Meet-n-Greet
January 10th 7 – 8:15pm EST
Are you interested in more affordable options for living at Rachel Carson EcoVillage? Join the conversation @ 7pm EST talk about house sharing and meet other members who are also interested. RCE Members Becky & Brenda will host a casual chat outlining some of the ways they’ve begun planning for their cohabitating adventure. Hope to see you there!

Development Forum (formerly Equity Q&A)
January 14th from 12:30 – 1:30pm EST
Join folks from the Legal & Finance Planning Group as they provide an update on the progress of the development along with a Q&A session for anyone interested in learning more about what it means to be a Founding Member of Rachel Carson EcoVillage. Anyone is welcome to attend this session!  

RCE Design Review
January 14th from 1:30 – 3:00pm EST
Come check out what the design team has been up to!


CLG Social w/ Julie
January 21st from 7:00-8:30pm EST
Come help fill the RCE bookshelf. Get cozy, bring a book and Zoom in!

We will, of course, have Rachel Carson’s works. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer (see the November Newsletter) is there. And we can add The Book of Hope, by Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams (see the December Newsletter). What other books on nature, environmentalism, sustainability, community, or sociocracy would you like to add? Come tell us about a book that you’ve  read, or want to read, that you’d like to see on the RCE bookshelf.

RCE Introductory Meeting
January 28th from 10:30-12:00pm EST 
We welcome anyone who’s interested in learning about the Rachel Carson EcoVillage to join our *online* introductory session. We will have a short illustrated talk about the ecovillage, a virtual tour of the Eden Hall campus, and discussion. We look forward to meeting you! Link will be sent after registering, see ya there!

RCE Monthly Membership Meeting
January 28th from 12:30 – 2pm EST
Our monthly meeting. Join us to see what progress has been made by all of the planning groups and with the organization in general.

Strengthening Community 


Greetings from Sagan! If you haven’t been following Mel’s blog  on raising AND training Sagan the standard poodle to become her guide dog, you’re missing out on many of the correlations between her experience with a puppy with that of our raising the RCE community! Ok, that *may* be a bit of a stretch, but as with any endeavor involving other living/thinking beings, some things can be more challenging than others, like Sagan’s 48 different commands….but with a face like his, it’s safe to say that we’re all welcome wherever he and Jingles are calling home! 

Book Nook
This offering from first time author Brad Aronson speaks instantly to the reader, as Brad’s reason for writing this book was not only born from his desire to grow his own kindness, but also to share with all of us HOW MUCH kindness really is in our world. 
From his own experiences of the generosity of human spirit bestowed upon him and his family during his wife’s leukemia treatment and from searching high and low to discover what we’re all doing for each other, Humankind will have you feeling inspired and moved by the stories of people like Laura, who befriended the homeless teen Maurice that she met on her way to work one day and through their shared willingness to invest in trusting each other resulted in their lives both being forever changed for the good or about the young Larry Stewart’s experience that made his becoming Kansas City’s  Secret Santa a life changing evolution for thousands and that continues to this day. 
One of the best parts of this book is that at the end of each chapter there are suggestions for how to share your kindness with others – whether it be in small or big ways and that’s enough to make Humankind a nominee for the RCE bookshelf! 

Wondering is for Everyone

This past year I was reminded that it is not sufficient for us to simply look for our own opportunities to enjoy nature, but that we also should take time and care to make sure that others are welcome to those same experiences, giving them access and space to relate to it in their own way.  These reminders came from two books about the wonders of nature: Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder and Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s World of Wonders, published in 2020. RCE provided the former, and a book club recommended the latter. Both included wonderful descriptions of the riches that the land bestows upon us when we take time out to observe what nature has to offer and equally as important to share experiences in nature with others (our family and community). 
Despite being written more than fifty years apart, there was a remarkably similar thread running through each book regarding the pleasure and well-being that nature can provide us, as well as the importance of protecting it.  Nezhukumatathil’s book, however, artfully interweaves an additional narrative, that of a brown woman growing up in different parts of the United States. It is a memoir of sorts that pays homage to the natural world while also explaining how she both admired and “summoned” some of the animals’ abilities in order to bolster her own courage in the face of adversity or create a sense of belonging for herself, much like the PBS children’s program Wild Kratts spotlights animal abilities as a form of super-power.  
Nezhukumatathil’s book reminded me that we all experience the world differently. Nature’s gifts can be and often are personal — uniquely inspiring, teaching or encouraging us as individuals.  It is truly awe-inspiring that nature can provide that customized boost for so many — regardless of skin color, age or ability.
-Submitted courtesy of Terri B. on behalf of the DEI helping group