Overview of the Project

We are planning for 35 units: 2 studios, 9 one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units, and 12 two-bedroom suite units. Each unit is part of either a 2- or 3-unit side-by-side building.  Except for the studios, all the units are customizable, offering the opportunity to add additional bedrooms and baths. 

The units have been designed and constructed to conserve energy and minimize carbon emissions.  To avoid combustion of fossil fuels, they will be all-electric, which makes it possible for them to be powered entirely by renewable energy.  The units are designed to meet high indoor air quality standards.  It is our intent to be able to monitor building performance after construction to see how well they meet these goals. 

The Common House is a shared facility of approximately 3300 square feet.  It includes a dining/meeting room, a kitchen, laundry, mail/package pick-up, a workroom, and two guest rooms. 

See our Design Update & Development page for more information.

Ownership and Sales

Each household owns its house (the building) and its share of the common facilities. The form of ownership is condominium.

Individuals will be responsible for financing the purchase of their unit and paying their property taxes. There is no profit built into the cost of the units —they will be offered for sale at the cost to build them.  Monthly maintenance charges will include operating expenses, insurance, debt service, and capital reserves but do not include utilities for individual units. Our planned program of shared volunteer work will help to keep our maintenance costs down. We anticipate that such charges will be in the range of $300-350. 

When it comes to resales, experience has shown that houses in cohousing have held their value or have appreciated faster than the market as a whole. Any household leaving the community can legally sell their property and is entitled to the proceeds of the sale. The community will maintain a waiting list of persons interested in being informed if a unit becomes available, and the seller agrees to offer the unit to the first household on the list and proceed down the list until a prospect is found. The prospect is asked to apply through the membership process before the sale is completed. The purpose of this is to ensure that new buyers want to become active participants in the community and understand what that will entail. At a minimum, they will be asked to attend several common meals and at least one ecovillage business meeting. The seller agrees to confer with the community regarding the suitability of the prospective buyer. The process will be defined in greater specificity as we get closer to moving in.