Please Note: The answers here should all be prefaced with “It is likely that…” or “Probably…” since we are just beginning the formation of the ecovillage. Some (like the cost of the units) will depend on information we don’t know yet. Others will depend on what the community decides. Here is the best approximation we have to the answers at this point.

What’s the benefit of becoming an RCE Explorer member?

Explorer membership gives you a low-risk opportunity to see whether Rachel Carson EcoVillage is the right “fit” for you and a chance to get to know your potential new neighbors.  Explorer members are active members, who are involved in a planning group and full group meetings.  It also entitles you to take part in our social communication platform, social events, and one-on-one meetings with members.  

How do I become an Explorer member?

You complete an online Explorer membership form and pay a non-refundable fee.  Here is the link to the online form:
Membership Application

What is the initial fee to become an Explorer member?

It’s $150 per individual, for multi-adult households interested in exploring, it’s strongly recommended that each adult obtain an Explorer membership so as to ensure the full range of benefits of membership for each adult. This is a four month membership. If the initial fee is beyond your budget, we offer a $75 fee instead. The application for that is here: Membership Application

Is it possible to renew my Explorer membership?

Yes.  If you are not ready to become an Equity member, you may continue as an Explorer as long as you renew it at $75/quarter, payable by the 5th of each quarter (you’ll receive an email reminder prior to the renewal for your membership as well.)

How do I pay the fee?

Credit/debit card payments are accepted through the membership application form. We can accept payments via PayPal to our email address rachelcarsonecovillage@gmail.com as well.

What if I have other questions?

Please send any questions to rachelcarsonecovillage@gmail.com