Rachel Carson EcoVillage Equity-Pioneer Membership Agreement 

In consideration for one membership in Rachel Carson EcoVillage, LLC, I/we acknowledge that we have reviewed the information in the Equity Membership Policy and understand the risks involved and: 

1. I/we are in support of the Vision, Mission, and Aims of the Rachel Carson EcoVillage. I/we are looking to become fully participating members of the community. 

2. I/we understand that all payments made are at risk of loss. 

3. I/we understand that any payment made is not an investment from which I/we expect to realize a monetary gain/profit at a later date. If the project is not successfully completed, funds paid into the project may be lost. ________ (please initial) 

4. I/we understand there are no guarantees or warranties as to the project’s timing, cost of development or units, design and size of units, availability of financing, or any other contingencies in this project. It is understood that project financing requirements may require changes to this membership agreement. ________ (please initial) 

5. I/we understand that that I/we are not purchasing any interest or right to land or real estate. 

6. I/we understand that the purpose of this LLC is to catalyze the creation of the ecovillage project; however, no land or real estate interest is being offered by Rachel Carson EcoVillage. 

7. I/we have met with the Legal and Finance Group to review the terms of Equity-Pioneer membership and my/our readiness for it. 

8. I/we actively participate on one or more planning groups and will take part in the “Introduction to Sociocracy” workshops. 

9. I/we have submitted the PA Act 33 Clearance certification form for all adults in our household. I understand that no one listed on the National Sex Offender Registry will be accepted. 

10. I/we agree to make advance deposits as called for by the group, which will be used to pay for the costs of developing the project and will be credited toward the down payment on my/our unit, up to the amount of the down payment. 

11. I/we agree to abide by the procedures for selling our unit in which prospective buyers are introduced to membership benefits and responsibilities. 

12. I/we are interested in Unit Type ____ . We understand this is not a final selection and that the design of the unit types is preliminary. (Unit types are described in Appendix A.) 

I/we understand that as an Equity-Pioneer household, I/we are entitled to participate in development planning. I/we understand that selection of units will be sequenced in the order based on the date of the $2000.00 deposit. 

__________________________________________________ ____________________ Signature/Date 

__________________________________________________ ____________________ Signature/Date 

Submit this form either by scanning as PDF or by mail to Rachel Carson EcoVillage, P. O. Box 90222, Pittsburgh PA 15224. Once payment is received, it will be signed and dated below and returned to you. 

Rachel Carson EcoVillage, LLC, acknowledges receipt of $2,000.00 as initial payment for an Equity membership. 

__________________________________________________ ____________________ Signature/Date of receipt of payment 

The Equity Membership policy may be revised by future decisions of the ecovillage group.